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Baby Dishwasher

TOY SINK WITH RUNNING WATER - The Play Sink is a battery-operated kitchen toy that operates without an external plug or electricity. Featuring an upgraded real faucet and an automatic water circulation system, this toy helps conserve water and maintains a consistent flow. Using warm water during play can prevent children from getting cold. The water recycle system and well-sealed battery compartment ensure lasting enjoyment for your child.

KITCHEN SINK PLAYSET SIMULATION - This play kitchen set includes 20 vibrant kitchen accessories for hands-on pretend play. Items like plates, cups, utensils, and cleaning tools are provided. With a portable design, the playset encourages creativity wherever it's used.

ROLE-PLAYING AND RECOGNITION - Ideal for nurturing kids' desire for imitation, the sink toy allows children to play the role of dishwashing, promoting cognitive and social skill development. Regular use enhances color and kitchenware recognition, along with improving hand-eye coordination.

FUN AND EDUCATIONAL - The detached sink, toy cutlery, and dish holder effectively drain and store accessories after use. This play kitchen set teaches children proper handwashing, reinforces health consciousness, and instills a storage habit from an early age.

PRECAUTIONS AND MAINTENANCE - The pump switch contains electronic components, so it should not be completely immersed in water to avoid a short circuit. After use, the surface should be dried with a cloth, and the battery removed. It should not be used in a pool or bathtub. For any questions, feel free to contact us.

Baby Dishwasher

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